Campbelltown Pathfinders

We Be Goblins: Part 1

The Great Feast

Members of the Licktoad tribe in the Brinestump Marsh discovered one of their tribe goblins was engaged in writing! And what’s more, he was writing about the Licktoad tribe! Well, since everbody knows that words steal thoughts from your head, this goblin was branded by those same letters on his face and named Scribbleface, then he was exiled from the village. When the rest of the goblins were going through his hut, Chief Renwattle Gutwad found a box inside. When he opened the box, he found a bunch of fireworks and a treasure map that looked like there was a possibility of there being more fireworks!

Chief Gutwad removed the items and the hut was burned down using the fireworks, which was fun for all. He then called a feast to drive out the remaining bad spirits and secretly called six special goblins to meet with him: Kim-yay (gunslinger), Angry Lynn (gunslinger), Spiggly Spooge (cavalier), Sizzlebang (alchemist), Kay-yay (bard), and Spook (rogue). In the chief’s moot house, His Mighty Girthness himself, sitting in his tall Teeter Chair, spoke directly to the goblins instead of using Slorb, his second-in-command. He told them that up the coast, there is a place where more fireworks are. He also warns the party that if they don’t come back with the fireworks, he will feed them to the village boar. Slorb supplies them with the treasure map and they go outside to join the feast.

The group started the night with a round of cider apples. During the feast, there were a whole bunch of dares, the types that goblins normally engage in. Squiggly was dared to Dance with Squealy Nord. He rode the piglet on its back, and held on for a whole 18 seconds. Because of this, he won a Gourd of Dragon Brew, but decided to give it to Sizzlebang. Next up, Sizzlebang was dared to eat a bag of poisonous bull slugs real quick. Sizzlebang ate the entirety of the bag, without even removing all of the poisonous parts, and was only sick once, so he was awarded the Gorge of Gluttons by the chief, but he gave it to Spook. Up next was Spook, who was dared to engage in a session of Hide or Get Clubbed. He slipped into the nearby forest and stealthily managed to evade his goblin pursuers until they got bored and wandered back to the village. For winning the dare, he received the Ring That Lets You Climb Real Good. Lastly, Kay-yay ran through the Rusty Earbiter, a contraption made up of rusty metal and other sharp things. The bard squeezed through, only getting stuck once and suffering no injuries. For his outstanding performance, he received the Chief’s Personal Very Useful Robe That Is Useful. The feast ended soon after and everybody fell asleep.



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