Campbelltown Pathfinders

We Be Goblins: Part 2

Into the Marsh

The morning after the feast, the goblins were awoken by Slorb and given some fireworks for use on their journey. They were given two Desnan candles, four paper candles, and a skyrocket. They packed up their equipment and went on their way, following the creek deep into the swamp. They were travelling for about half an hour when Spook was nearly shot by a web and Lotslegs dropped down behind him. A battle ensued and the spider was mortally wounded and eventually killed, although in her death, she nearly claimed the life of Sizzlebang as he wounded himself on her fang while trying to extract some poison. The goblins found her lair a few steps away and recovered a crossbow and some liquorice taffy amongst several potions and valuable coins.

The adventurers continued following the creek and finally came across a beached ship, indicated by the map to be the source of the fireworks. The little goblins opened up the gate and were immediately accosted by a wild horse that ran out from behind the ship. The horse was no match for the goblins though, and soon it was riddled with the bullets of Kim-Yay and Angry Lynn. The group then climbed up the ship’s gangway but Angry Lynn set off a trap and a wasp’s nest came bouncing down the plank. Spook narrowly avoided it, but Sizzlebang was right behind him and decided to blow it up! This released a swarm of wasps that enveloped the goblins for a painfully long while.

Deciding that the plank was too much trouble, Kay-Yay pulled the ladder from his Very Useful Robe that is Useful, and climbed up onto the main level. Here he and Squiggly Spooge encountered a wild dog guarding a locked door, but the dog was no match for Squiggly and Kay, who quickly put the horrible creature to death while the others hid.

The other goblins then came out from hiding and Angry Lynn blasted the lock off the door, waking up the occupant of the cabin. It was none other than Vorka the cannibal! Squiggly charged in atop his wolf Flannel, and managed to engage Vorka in a close quarters duel before she could utilise her magic. The rest of the group turned their attention to her pet giant frog. Spook poked it with the Gorge of Gluttons, but the frog struck back and gobbled him up, until only his legs were protruding from the edge of the frog’s mouth. Kay-Yay healed Spook, who cut his way out of the frog’s mouth.



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