Campbelltown Pathfinders

We Be Goblins: Part 3

Vorka Defeated

With Vorka’s frog cut open from the inside out, Spook jumped back into the fight. Soon all the goblin heroes surrounded Vorka as she struggled to keep herself healed. Unable to fight off the heroes, the cannibal found herself tripped up by Squiggly Spooge’s flail, and lifted her head to see the snarling face of Flannel, leaning in for the kill.

But just as soon as Vorka the Cannibal fell, another foe emerged, her huge dog, Cuddles. The dog burst through the door while the others were distracted by Vorka’s death. Kim-Yay spun around and shot at the dog with her blunderbuss. The dog charged at her but became tangled in some of Vorka’s ornaments and left itself exposed to Kay-Yay, who unleashed a crossbow bolt right into its heart.

The goblins took a moment to recover, and sitting down to rest on a large red chest, Spook realised that his seat actually contained the fireworks they had been sent to collect. Free to do what they pleased now, the goblins quickly divided the remaining contents of Vorka’s cabin into two piles: Shiny Stuff and Burny Stuff. The shiny stuff was added to the fireworks chest, and the burny stuff was piled up around the mast on the main deck. After the chest was safely thrown off the side of the ship, Kay-Yay used four of the paper candles given to the group by Chief Gutwad to cover the burny stuff in gunpowder.
As the dog on the top deck barked angrily at the group, they slid down the ramp and retreated to a safe-ish distance. Squiggly Spooge then took aim with a desnan candle and fired it up onto the shipreck’s main deck, igniting the junk pile and burning down the home of the traitorous goblin Vorka once and for all.

The goblins returned to the Licktoad village triumphant, to the sound of cheering and squeals of delight. They were invited up to the Chief’s hut, where he congratulated them personally and gave them all lavish titles that he definitely didn’t make up on the spot. Squiggly Spooge was betrothed to marry the Chief’s daughter, Gupy Wartbits. Sizzlebang was named the Boss of Fire while Kay-Yay became the official Boss of Village Songs. Kim-Yay was made the Head Village Lookout while Spook became the Overseer of Village Stabbings. Finally, Angry Lynn was named the Master of the Pig Pit, tasked with looking after Squealy Nord.

The goblins all enjoyed a huge party that night in celebration of their success. Many great dares were made and many fireworks set off. Squiggly and Gupy were married and all was good in the Licktoad Tribe.



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