Campbelltown Pathfinders

We Be Goblins Too: Part 1

The Birdcruncher Moot

Life was good for the Licktoad tribe. They had slain Vorka the Cannibal and Lots’legs Eats Goblin Babies Many and Brinestump Marsh was safe at last, or so they thought. This was until one day, the heroes of the Licktoad goblins return home to find their whole village had been destroyed by human adventurers, and their tribe massacred. Homeless, and with no hope of finding those responsible, the goblins set out for the closest goblin-friendly region: Ravenroost. The area known as Ravenroost is occupied by the Birdcruncher Tribe, a group friendly to the Licktoads. At one point, the Birdcrunchers counted several caves and the hills above them as their own territory, the Licktoads find them crowded into a single cave.

They were soon greeted by a wrinkled old goblin woman leaning on a gnarled wooden staff decorated with puppy tails and horse ears. She wore a ratty doghide gown cinched with a rope belt on which a collection of dog’s paws, horseshoes, stirges, and the pickled and shrunken head of a bright blue mite were all displayed. This was Wise Mummy Sprattleharsh.

“Well, well! What have we here? Licktoads, by the look of you,
and from what I hear, orphans as well, hmm? Looking for a new
place to live, I suspect? Well, you might be in luck, because we
need new blood. Our own chieftains have been… lacking… in
chieftainish ways. We’ve been having problems lately with an
ogre and his fire-breathing boars, you see, and any goblins
capable of killing the boars and driving off the ogre… or driving
off the boars and killing the ogre… or… or whatever—well, they’ll
not only be welcomed into Birdcruncher territory with open
arms. They’ll be made chieftains, one and all!”
With that, the gathered Birdcruncher goblins suddenly
animate into cheers and song. Eager and excited, they surge
out of the cave to welcome their saviors, but suddenly freeze as
the old woman shrieks out a command for silence. The goblins
freeze in place, and she continues in a softer voice.
“But we can’t just assume you’re the stuff chieftains are made
of. You might just be lucky. No, no… before we accept you as our
saviors and before you’ll even have a chance to face off against Pa
Munchmeat and his pig… I declare we have a Chieftain Moot!”

That evening, a huge feast was held around the cave’s central bonfire. In the morning, the group was led out into a nearby valley for the first dare in the Chieftan Moot: The Blind Bird Shoot.

During the bird shoot, the Licktoads were all blinfolded, and told to fire at three flocks of birds that Mummy Sprattleharsh released. With only their hearing and blind luck to aid them, the goblins loosed their arrows into the air. Although one lucky arrow from Kay_yay did hit a bird from the closest flock, a lot more ended up flying into the crowd of onlooking Birdcrunchers. One arrow even glanced the side of Kay-Yay’s face!

In the end Kay-Yay was awarded 3 points, although his sister Kim-Yay managed to score one better with 4 points. Sizzlebang was also awarded 1 point, for a particularly poor shot which knocked a Birdcruncher right off the tree he was watching from.
Then it came time for the next dare.



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